Disaster Supply Kit – What to put in your “To Go” Box

The most important thing to have
The most important thing to have

This is a list of things to pull together, or to have on hand, before a disaster strikes.  Think of it as camping in you home, or on your porch.

Simultaneously, it really helps to have your own automobile to put all this in.  Have road maps, and know where the emergency shelters are in your area.

You may want to locate a Disaster Planning Booklet or Hurricane Guide for your town.

Food and Water for at least 3-5 days:  1 Gallon per person per day, and remember your pets need water, too.  Canned meats, fruits, vegetables and soups.  Canned or boxed juices and milk.  High energy foods:  Peanut butter, nuts, jelly, crackers, granola bars, fruit bars, dried fruit and trail mix.  Snacks.  Chocolate.  Colas.  Tomato sauces and pastes.  Pasta.

Water in clean containers: water goes stale, so use the oldest water first.  (If you are refilling water jugs, write the date in it with sharpie type markers.)  Clean the bathtub out, and fill it with water.  This can be used to flush toilets.

Pet Supplies  Water.  Extra food, stored in sturdy containers. Dishes.  Litter pan and  Cat litter.  Chux pads.  Plastic bags.  Pet carrier, labelled with your name and pet’s name.  Leash & harness.  Pet ID tags.  Pet vaccination records.  Pet toys and blankets.  Proof of ownership.  (In a pinch, take pictures of you with your pet, in front of your home, or in your home.)

Documents:  Personal Identification.  Take pictures of your home, outside and inside.  Back up your computer and copy files to portable drives.  House Keys & Car Keys.  Cell phone charger.  Laptop and Mouse and all cords.  Books, magazines, board games, decks of playing cards. Crayons an coloring books.

Special things:  Locate the baby books, family photograph album, family Bible, put in a sturdy plastic box or  a two-gallon size ziplock type bags, and take it with you.

Make copies of these important papers and put the copies in a waterproof container:  Birth certificates, marriage certificates, drivers license, social security card passport.  Will, living will, advanced directive.   Insurance papers.  Names of your doctors.  Bank account numbers, credit card numbers.

First Aid Supplies:  First aid kit and manual.  Hand wipes.  Antiseptic wipes.  Large non-latex gloves (medical grade).  bandages.  Cold Packs (these are like ice packs).  Scissors, small.  Tweezers.  Safety pins.  Cotton balls.  zip-lock baggies (small).  Thermometer.  Petroleum jelly.  Sunscreen.  Bug spray.  “after bite stick.”  Itch relief creams.  White Vinegar.

Non-Prescription medications:   Antibacterial ointment.  Aspirin and non-aspirin pain reliever.  anti-diarrhea medicine.  antacids.  eyeglasses, contact lenses, lenses solution.  hearing aids and extra batteries.  Allergy medicines.  Vitamins.  Stool softener.

Prescription medicines:  aim for a 2 week supply.

Sanitation and Hygiene:  Toilet Paper!  Baby wipes (Adults can use these, too.)  Hand sanitizer.  Heavy duty plastic garbage bags & ties.  Medium size bucket with tight lid.  Disinfectant and household chlorine bleach (regular scented.)  “Feminine Supplies.”  By the way, panty liners make good bandages, in a pinch.  diapers, adult diapers.  razor and shaving cream.  Mirror.  Shampoo, comb, brush.  Deodorant.

Clothes and Bedding:  Complete change of (seasonally appropriate) clothes for each person.  Anticipate brutal humidity after a hurricane.  Pack extra socks.  shoes, boots.  Rain gear (ponchos) coat, hats, gloves, extra underwear.  Sunglasses.  Blankets, sleeping bags & pillows.  Folding cots.  Lawn chairs.

Tools and Equipment:  a car that runs.  Booster cables.  Full tank of gas.  Road maps.  Portable radio.  flashlights and extra batteries.  signal flare.  Waterproof matches.  Shut-off wrenches and rags.  Pliers, shovels, duct tape.  Plastic sheeting.  Whistle.  Pocket knife.  Hammer.  Work gloves.  Paper and pen & pencil.  needle & thread.  Small ABC type fire extinguisher.  (“PASS”).  Paper utensils, cups, plates.   Manual can opener.  Aluminium foil.  Resealable plastic bags, various sizes.  Garbage bags.

A Grill.  Charcoal.  Lighter fluid.  Aluminium foil and pans.  hot mits.  tongs.  dish soap and scrubber.

A generator.  operating instructions.  fuel.  fuel cans.  extra extension cords.  Ear plugs.


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