An alligator in my back yard

There’s an alligator at the southeast corner of my back yard, Honorable Shamans and Fellow Pagans.  It is six feet long, vivid green, and made of pool plastic. It either blew over from next door, or my next door neighbors placed it on my yard. Either way, I see it as a protector of sacred space.

An Alligator guards the South corner of my back yard
An Alligator guards the South corner of my back yard

When building sacred space in the Earthways Shamanic Path, we work with the Four Directions, and with Animals native to our part of the world.  What are the sacred Animals, where you live?  To whom do you sing?

Here in Southwest Florida, I start by signing to the fishes and the manatee and dolphins and of course, to the Whales in the WEST.  West represents Water and emotions. We are surrounded by water here, and as I am writing this it has started to rain.

The birds fly through the air over the waters, and they see the fishes.  The song continues as the Pelicans and Ibis, Herons and Gulls fly all around.  We depend upon the  Air, and it represents the EAST, and our thoughts.

In the swamps and sloughs to the SOUTH, dwell the creepy crawlies: Dragonflies, butterflies and moths are plentiful here, as are alligators.  The South represents Fire and passion, and protection. Thus, it makes perfect sense to me, that I have an alligator resting in this corner of my yard.

The four leggeds root around in the swamps and sloughs and all the Earth here, connected to the ground — our Mother Earth — the NORTH, and take daily right action to continue their life cycles. Our Florida Panther, and the Florida Black Bear are sacred here.

Which Animals form the sacred space where you live?  What steps can you take to connect with the Sacred Animals, all around you?

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Although the Earthways Shamanic Path is based in Florida, it can be celebrated anywhere.  You just need to explore the magic of your land.  What is it saying to you?   What are the seasons, where you live?  What do they mean to you?  How are they celebrated? 

And “Let’s Share Peace With Our Earth.”

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