The Earthways Shamanic Path

What is the Earthways Shamanic Path?

(This Page was edited on May 31, 2015 to address the evolution of the Florida Earthways Shamanic Path, to the Earthways Shamanic Path!)

I’m Whale Maiden.  I explore the mundane and the magical in Southwest Florida, from a  Earthways Shamanic Path perspective.   I’m a Shaman.  I see.  I “see” energy patterns.  I have studied the “New Age” teachings and many Pagan paths.  Most Pagan paths didn’t call to me, because my roots have been on this continent for hundreds of years.  What works for me is to walk the Path here where I live. 

The Earthways Shamanic Path, encourages you to practice Earth-based spirituality, while honoring the plants and animals right where you live.  This Path, acknowledges that the Earth, our Mother, has different bioregions and that you will adjust your celebrations and tools to reflect where you live, and the plants and animals which are around you.

For example, the Oak and Holly trees, are not indigenous to Southwest Florida.  We have “Live Oak,” but it is a different kind of tree, totally, from the Red Oak and other hardwoods of the United Kingdom.

I have been observing the seasons and cycles in Southwest Florida for almost 30 years.   Here in Southwest Florida, according to the Florida Earthways Shamanic Path, we have the following Seasons:

Fire Season, which runs from about mid-February to mid-April.

Rainy Season, [Color BLUE   YELLOW] which runs from mid-April to mid-August.

                 (Updated 05-05-2010, I had Rainy Season coded as Blue, but it is actually Yellow.   See upcoming posts.)

Hurricane Season, which runs from mid-August to mid-November, and,

Dry Season, which runs from mid-November to mid-February.

Please note, The Florida Earthways Shamanic Path’s Hurricane Season, is different from the one established by the various official agencies. That runs from June 1 to November 1.  Also, please note that these Florida Earthways Shamanic Path’s  Seasons, do not coincide with the typical Seasons of Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, or of the Holidays of Imbolc, Beltaine, Lammas, or Mabon.  Nor are they equally spaced. 

I fussed with that notion initially, a few years ago.  I wanted the Florida Earthways seasons, to be symmetrical, like the other Seasons.   Like, Spring is one of 4 Seasons, each being 3 months long.  Neat, tidy.  But that isn’t the way it is here in the Florida Earthways Shamanic Path.  Fire Season is 2 months long.  Rainy Season is 4 months long.  Hurricane Season is 3 months, and, Dry Season is 3 months.  That’s my theory for the time being,… (noted, 6/23/2010.)

In this Blog, I am documenting what is blooming and happening.  I am learning about this Path, as I walk it.

New:  Books to read as you walk the Florida Earthways Shamanic Path 

Hardman, Chris.          ECOlogical Calendar 2010:  A New Way to Experience Time.  [ISBN# 978-0-7649-4843-5].  (c) 2009 Antenna.

 O’Keefe, M. Timothy.  Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year: A Month by Month Guide to Natural Events.  (Florida with Georgia and Alabama Coasts.)  [ISBN# 1-55591-269-9].  (c) 1996 O’Keefe.  Published by Fulcrum Press, Colorado.

Pasachoff, Jay M.       Peterson First Guides: Astronomy.  [ISBN # 0-395-46790-X.]  (c) 1988 Pasachoff.  Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston.

Endredy, James           Earthwalks For Body and Spirit:  Exercises to Restore Our Sacred Bond with the Earth.  [ISBN# 187918178-9].  (c) 2002, Endredy.  Publisher : Bear & Company, Rochester, Vermont.



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