Drafting a blog, 7 pages and I’m not even started 

I’m sitting in a waiting room with time on my hands so I’m drafting my next blog post by hand.  On paper.  Long hand.  I’ve written six pages so far, I’m  starting on page 7, and in some ways, I’m not even STARTED. 

 It’s a sprawling theme, something I have been chewing on actively, for three weeks, but which I now realize I’ve been thinking about my whole life:  home.

What is home, how do you define home, what makes a home, home?  Honorable Shamans and Fellow Pagans, your sense of home defines you, and has a lot to do with how you see yourself in your Spiritual life.


Shamanic Driving 

Shamanic Driving is when you drive your car somewhere, and reach an altered state in the process.  I’m not advocating this as a technique, but I’m going to describe it in this post.  Shamanic Driving is different from Sonic Driving, which is when you go into an altered state through the use of a rapid, monotonous sound or vibration.

Here’s home Shamanic Driving works: 

Get in your car.

Put on music 

Head out on a highway, for a 100 mile journey through beautiful, but somewhat monotonous scenery.

Add a rain storm, and then windshield wipers.  

Note the drone of other cars and trucks on the highway all around your car, to the East of you, to the South of you, to the West of you, to the North of you, above you the sky or rain, below you, the hiss of tires running through the rain on the  pavement…

By this time, you have “Siri,” ocassionally telling you, “you are on the fastest route and the way ahead is clear.”

I feel focused yet relaxed.  

My phone rings.  My friend is reminding me how to get to her house.  We’re chatting.  A motorcyclist has just whipped around me, going way too fast in the rain.  I change lanes to avoid him, and end up in the fast lane, and suddenly,  I’m passing a truck.  I’m in the truck’s blind spot, pulling up, now along side the back third of the truck.  

Suddenly, “because everything happens suddenly, or not at all,” the truck signals, and starts moving into the fast lane, where I am.   I begin narrating this, calmly, to my friend,”why’s this truck coming over here?” I’m breaking, defensively, I’m honking the horn, I’m moving to my left, not wanting to leave the pavement, still honking.  My friend on the phone is telling me to focus, and we all are.  And the truck backs off, yet we keep going, and ahead to the right, I see the police car lights blinking blue in the rain, and I realize, the truck was just trying to obey the Move Over law.

I pass him, and wipe my brow, my way of signaling to him, “that was close but we pulled through” because I drive With Spirit, tuned in, where ever I go.

And I am blessed.

Where ever you go, take Spirit wih you, and Share your Peace with Mother Earth and Father Sky and the Big Waters all around us.

(c) 2017 to present, by Whale Maiden for the Earthways Shamanic Path.  All rights reserved.

Habit forming

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time inside a building with security door latches.  Some are accessed through a badge which we wear.  These are credit card sized devices, anchored to a clip with a retractable cord.  That  sounds like zip-zip-zip when used, and provides hours of entertainment.

Other doors are accessed via a four digit code on a key pad.  I’ve successfully memorized the code (a life skill).  That’s a good thing, because I don’t want to get stuck outside in the hallway.

The keys on the key pad beep when pressed: tap-tap-tap-tap! And then, there’s a pause and a ‘click,’ and the door can be opened.

Honorable Shamans and Fellow Pagans, in just three weeks, I have developed a strange little habit.   After I depress the 4 buttons, I tilt my head to the left, just slightly while waiting for the ‘click.’  I don’t know why I started doing that.  I don’t know why I only tilt to the left.  I just know, I do it every time now.  

That’s how easily habits develop.  As habits go, this one is totally benign.  It doesn’t hurt me, or anyone else.  And once I noticed it, I set about stopping that habit.  It’s a choice.

Every day, the little choices we make, sometimes without even noticing, add up, like drops of water wearing away a mountain, drop by drop.

Make good choices, and share your peace with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Big Waters all around us.

(c) 2017 to present, Whale Maiden for the Earthways Shamanic Path.  All rights reserved.

When you THINK you have a choice…

Sometimes, you have a choice, and sometimes you just THINK you have a choice.

Recently, I wrote about driving straight across South Florida, where you will have to cross Lake Okeechobee, and described several actual choices to do so.

What happens when you THINK you have a choice, but you really don’t?

Let’s say you are house hunting.  You may wander around, looking at houses.

You go far away and tour one, and you like it and you make an offer, but you aren’t really sure if your offer went in.  Perhaps Mercury was retrograde then.

You come closer, and tour another house.  It is grander than the first, and there’s competition, and the sellers tell you they will consider your offer…so you are waiting to hear…

And then, you drive around and you see it: your dream house, just where you’ve always wanted to live.  It’s perfect.  You’ll take it.  Except, they haven’t offered it to you yet.  But, they have invited you to come talk to them, in a few days…

So, you go home and start packing.  You know you’re going somewhere.  Soon.  You just don’t know where or when.  You think, “oh, the first one, that would be a perfect house to live in, and a lovely town, and the rooms are so spacious and they’ll be just great.  I’ll put my green desk there….”  But then you think the second house is nicer.  You picture where you will hang your modern art collection.  But then you think about the third house, and even though you haven’t yet seen it on the inside, and have no idea whether it has any closet space at all, you love it on the outside, and it just has to be the perfect house, and they will love your offer…

And you run these three houses through your mind, repeatedly, and tell all your friends over and over because you can’t decide which one you like better, and it will come down to which one of sellers likes your offer the best. That combination of what you will pay, and your ability to get a mortgage, and even your willingness to close by a certain date.  The choice of where you might ultimately live, it isn’t quite up to you.

Notice clearly, you actually do not yet have 3 choices.  You just think you do.  

Honorable Shamans, all your contingency planning in the world, is just a series of scenarios.  When you are in the middle of this kind of lesson, the sooner you quit running scenarios of what might happen, the sooner you can confront things you actually need to be doing at the time.

Share your peace with Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Big Waters, for we are all related.

(c) 2017 to present, by Whale Maiden for the Earthways Shamanic Path, all rights reserved.



Under the Lake

“Oh, great, you’re coming East to visit us?”

“Yes, this weekend.”

“Cool, are you going Under the Lake?”

We have a quaint way of talking about traveling in South Florida, because we have this massive lake in the middle of the State.  It is called, Lake Okeechobee, and that word means, big waters.  The lake is so big across, you can’t see to the other side of it.

According to Wikipedia,  “Lake Okeechobee (US /kiˈbi/),[1] locally referred to as “The Lake”, “Florida’s Inland Sea”,[2] or “The Big O”, is the largest freshwater lake in the state of Florida.[3] It is the seventh largest freshwater lake in the United States[4] and the second largest freshwater lake (the largest being Lake Michigan) contained entirely within the contiguous 48 states.[5] However, it is the largest freshwater lake completely within a single one of the lower 48 states. Okeechobee covers 730 square miles (1,900 km2), approximately half the size of the state of Rhode Island, and is exceptionally shallow for a lake of its size, with an average depth of only 9 feet (2.7 metres).

When driving from Fort Myers straight across to places on the East Coast, you will hit the Lake, so you have to make a choice:  you can go, “over the Lake,” or you can go, “under the Lake,”  to get there.  Honorable Shamans, what Journeys does this bring to mind?  Is it possible to use the Lake itself as a journeying portal?

Looking Southeast across Lake Okeechobee at Lakeport, May 2015

If you go to the North, you go through the towns of  La Belle, Moore Haven, Buckhead Ridge, Okeechobee, Indiantown, and reach Jupiter.  Takes  2 hours, 57 minutes, and is 146 miles.  Or, you can go South through La Belle, Clewiston, South Bay, Belle Glade, Wellington, and then up to Jupiter.  This trip takes 2 hours, 43 minutes, and is 141 miles.

You could also circumnavigate the Lake, going around from Moore Haven, Clewiston, South Bay, Belle Glade, Pahokee, Okeechobee, Buckhead Ridge and back to Moore Haven.  This loop will take 2 hours, 26 minutes and is 116 miles.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Journey with me.  Share your Peace with Mother Earth and Father Sky and all the Big Waters around us.

(c) 2017 to present, Whale Maiden for the Earthways Shamanic Path.


Posting about Pedestals

I’ve been thinking about pedestals a lot lately, Honorable Shamans and Fellow Pagans.  I’ve been on several walk-abouts, meeting with people in positions of authority, observing changes in the world around me, and reading articles and viewpoints from people around the country.  And lately, I’ve come to a few conclusions.

Humans put other humans on pedestals.  We do this in many areas of life, but the three that seem to have the most impact are Spiritual/Religious, Business, and, Government.  When we put people on a pedestal,  it is as if we are saying,  “Oh, they are so great, so much higher than us folks here on the ground.  They are more enlightened.  They are smarter.  They are more successful…”  Yes, organizations have to have people in charge.  But those in charge need to stay humble, because they don’t know everything.
If a person in power, a leader, tells you that they know everything, that they alone know the truth, I urge you to get as far away from that person as fast as you can.  No one knows everything.  A good leader is constantly learning, and should admit that.  No one person can know everything.  A leader should admit when they make mistakes. 

Pedestals are top-heavy.  There isn’t a lot of room for error, up at the top because so many people look up to you.  People may think you are Oh So Great, being the Leader.  People may not want you to grow or to change, while you are up there.

Good Leaders won’t go it alone.  They know the loneliness of a vaccum.   They will ask for help.  They will seek out and unify with other good leaders.  They will create room for each other, share and take turns. 

Look for good leaders and support them, but don’t give them all your power.  In this way, you will be able to “Share your peace with Mother Earth and Father Sky and the big Waters all around us.”

(c) 2017 to present by Whale Maiden for the Earthways Shamanic Path.  All rights reserved.

hippo gnu ear

The Kit Tan who is Six doesn’t know this yet, Honorable Shamans and Fellow Pagans everywhere, but one day this week it will be “Next Year.”

Kit Tan Who Is Six, napping
Kit Tan Who Is Six, napping

Kit Tan wakes up from her nap, stretches first the front and then the back, checks out her food dish, and then joins me out on the Lanai.  I sip my coffee and read Facebook posts.  We listen to the birds.  Kit Tan’s days are spent playing with my family members, napping, stretching , eating, grooming, and checking out the culverts outside.   Every day merges into the next one when you are a cat.  You are sentient and connected and aware of the world in a vastly different reality from the humans in the planet.  It’s an alternative reality.

This week, the Christmas Tree Tent has changed into the Fireworks Tent.

Fireworks Tent
Fireworks Tent

This week, the TV and other media are carrying out the Year in Review.  Top stories — who really cares the color of that damned dress — are paraded about 24/7.  If “Real News” happens, we won’t hear about it until next week.

Meanwhile, there are all the helpful stories about New Years Resolutions and how to start the New Year off right: Lose weight, eat right, get exercise! Become more enlightened! Volunteer at the local charitable organization of your choice. Be more creative! Work on your relationships. Dump relationships or jobs that aren’t right for you.   I believe it is good for us, to set goals and to make plans.


I know a whole bunch of Pagans who celebrate October 31 — Samhain — as their New Year, but who also celebrate  the New Year this week.

End of December, Gregorian calendar
End of December, Gregorian calendar

January 1, is the start of the New Year, according to the Gregorian Calendar.   All of that is made up and has no relationship whatsoever, to the Earth’s cycles.

End of December, Lunar Calendar {Luna Press)
End of December, Lunar Calendar {Luna Press)

When does the New Year start, for Our Earth?

When does the New Year start for you?

Does it start on Samhain?

Does it start tonight?

Does it start on your Birthday?

Or some other date?


Share Your Peace with Our Earth.

~Whale Maiden~

~~~ ♡ ~~~

Although the Earthways Shamanic Path is based in Florida, it can be celebrated anywhere. You just need to explore the magic of your land. What is it saying to you? What are the seasons, where you live? What do they mean to you? How are they celebrated?

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