Snow in Florida

In early November in Southwest Florida, many yards are covered are covered with small star shaped flowers.  From a distance it looks like snow.  We call them ‘snow flowers’ but this isn’t their botaniucal name.  (I must return to my reference books…)

These flowers arrive just when people in Florida are reminiscing about Snow Up North.

We didn’t use to have so many yards with so many snow flowers.  They grow on non-manicured yards and I suppose are considered a”weed,” but I know a lot of people who think they are great.

My Friend B_____ was away from Southwest Florida for a few months and the weekend he returned I led him up to a hillside coverd in Snow Flowers.  And the flowers were covered with Bees!


Bees at the Pier

We went out to the Pier the other evening to watch the sunset.  It was one of those evenings where there isn’t much to the sunset, really.  What was fascinating were the bees!

(I’ll be back tomorrow. I have photos but it is sleepy time.) 

Ok, I’m back (4/26/10)  Here are the Bees in a nest on the Pier over the Caloosahatchee River:

I have Questions:

1.  Why are the bees nesting here?  They are on recycled plastic, fake wood on the back of a bench.  Why do they perceive this to be a safe place to, um, be?

2.  Where were they nesting, before they picked this location?

3.  Are they building a honeycomb under all of themselves?  So, their honeycomb will stick to plastic?

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