Doorways to the Earthways Shamanic Path

There are many doorways to access the Earthways Shamanic Path. 


Honorable Shamans, this pagan path looks at earth based spirituality from a Shamanic perspective and is Florida based.    It was previously called the Florida Earthways Path, and then the Florida Earthways Shamanic Path, and you may see it called that in some places.

1.  You are at my Word Press Blog called, Whale Maiden — Suburban Shaman.   The tag line is, “The Earthways Shamanic Path – celebrate the magic of your land.”

2.  My Blog posts are published to the Word Press website and also to the Facebook PAGE called,  Earthways Shamanic Path.  This Facebook PAGE serves as an intermediate zone between the Blog and the Facebook Group.I post my morning meditations with the Kit Tan Who Is Six to the PAGE.

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3.  I share my blog posts, and morning meditations to the   Earthways Shamanic Path-The Group  (we added the phrase “The Group” to it, to help everybody keep it separate from the FB PAGE.)   This is where all the content eventually lands.  This is where all the discussion happens, and this is where people share pictures and thoughts.  This is also where I post events going on in Florida.

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4.    The website for Earthways Shamanic Path, is in development.  (Whoot, WHoot!)

So now you know how to find the Earthways Shamanic Path.  I hope this information is helpful to you, and please visit us through any of these doorways.

Walk through a doorway and share Peace with your Earth.

~Whale Maiden~

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Although the Earthways Shamanic Path is based in Florida, it can be celebrated anywhere. You just need to explore the magic of your land. What is it saying to you? What are the seasons, where you live? What do they mean to you? How are they celebrated?

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Books on Shaminism -Cosmic Serpent and Fishers of Men

(January 9, 2012)

I'm reading two books about shaminism at the same time and weaving the themes together like the strands of DNA one of the books is about.  They are about the use of ayahuasca -- a hallucinogenic plant.  The Cosmic Serpent explains that the plants taught the people how to use them.  The Fishers of Men is about a man's spiritual quest using ayahuasca.

I want to achieve altered states, but I don’t want to trek to Peru and find a guide…and eat hallucinogenics and go through all that.  I believe it is possible to achieve altered states without ingesting hallucinogenics.

I can do it here.  With music.  And dance.


Suburban Shaman, part two: Seeing

Suburban Shaman, part 2: Seeing.

Previously posted on January 31, 2010 by Whale Maiden


“Moth” (c) 2009 WhaleMaiden.

In an earlier post I stated I am a Suburban Shaman.  What’s that mean?  It means I watch the Earth and the Sky, and the Beings that live here.  I pay attention to very small things, and very big things.    I watch the cycles of wind and clouds and rain, to learn what will happen next.   There is a world of information happening, if we just tune into it.

I have studied and practiced “Native American” teachings and respect them very much.  Yet they are primarily based on information ‘borrowed’ from People who lived in the Northeast, or the Upper Midwest, or the Southwest.  Here I am in the Southwest of Florida.  The plants and the terrain and the climate are very different here, from the rest of North America.

And, my culture and lifestyle are different from those of The People, too.  (I mean, different from the ways of the People, when the ‘borrowing’ of their culture happened.)  I live in a house in the suburbs.  I drive a car, commute to work, and sit in a climate-controlled office all day, buy food at a grocery store.  These functions have very little to do with the Work that The People were engaged in, to survive and flourish.

So, when The People saw an animal, it meant survival.  It meant that food was available, or there was a change in the weather coming.  When I see an animal these days, it means that I am first of all, still honoring the frail connection I have to the Natural World.  It means I am looking.  It means I am paying attention to the web of life that connects us all.  It means I am seeing.


What do I think? The way I see the world

What do I think? The way I SEE the World.

Previously posted on January 31, 2010 by Whale Maiden

I was listening to the radio on Thursday morning, and there was a report about the Toyota Recall and they were interviewing mechanics who are involved with fixing the foot pedals.  They were saying all you have to do is crawl down there with a flashlight and look at your pedal and you’ll know whether you have the faulty one or not, the name of the manufacturer is on there.  And they said the two names of the products, the good one, and the faulty one.  It was really early when they were saying this, and I was getting the products mixed up in my head. 

Later, I told this story to a group of people I was having lunch with.  They wanted to know the two names, and I said I didn’t “remember the names so much as the way they sounded:  One had more consonants, and the other had more vowels.”  I laughed at that and noted that I would probably check my pedal and then write down the word on the pedal and come inside and ‘google’ it.  Everybody thought that was a good plan.  (Turns out  my car doesn’t  have a CTS pedal.  That is the one with all the consonants.)

My point here is that I tend to think about the world and the big issues, in terms of colors, images, and sounds.

Suburban Shaman

Suburban Shaman

Previously posted on January 27, 2010 by Whale Maiden

I’m a Suburban Shaman.  I’m a Shaman and I live in the Suburbs.  There’s more to it than this, but I thought I’d put the thought ‘out there,’ as it were, and let the thought take hold.

Oil Spill…Climate…2012…and shopping…and Shamanism

So there I was shopping at an upscale ladies store in an outlet mall in Southwest Florida and all of a sudden I found myself engaged in a conversation with another shopper and one of the very helpful store clerks.  One of the ladies had just told the other that someone they knew had just accepted a job cleaning up the Oil Spill in Louisiana.  The other lady said that BP could hire all those unemployed fishers, to help clean up the Oil.  I agreed, but noted it is very toxic, the oil.  By this time they had included me in their conversation, which now had migrated to how HOT it has been.  [It has been over 90 degrees every day for WEEKS.]  We all agreed that it was so much HOTTER than we remember it being in previous years.  We agreed to each other that we are concerned about how big the Hurricane Season will be.  Hurricanes like hot water and the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico is nice and warm right now.  Then we all looked at each other and simultaneously started wondering if the Oil spill, is what bible prophecy means by ‘blood on the water,’  and the next thing I knew, the one lady said to the other lady, “My Husband thinks it is all leading up to 2012!”  The other Lady and I nodded to her, because we knew she was testing our water, so to speak.  Once we agreed with her about 2012, then she nodded, too.

What impressed me is that these ladies looked like what I call, “muggles,”  [people who  do not believe in metaphysical things, like magic] and yet they both are wondering about 2012.

I wonder about it too.  I have been thinking about “Earth Changes,” and “End Times,” since at least 1987, when people started talking about the Harmonic Convergence.  I believe there will be a change of consciousness among people on this planet.   I believe I am here to assist people in adjusting to that change in consciousness, or in making that change, when they ask for that assistance.  That’s the work of a Shaman.

Totems and Guides – Animals and Animal Medicine — REVISED!

Why “Whale Maiden”?

WhaleTail on TV

Whales are my part of my ‘totem,’ and by that I mean a collection of animals that provide a sense of your family heritage, and which provide you with information and guidance about yourself and your world. Cats are also part of my ‘totem,’ and not just because I live with two of them.

Animals, animal tracks, their nests and burrows, and things like feathers, can provide you with information to know yourself better, or to make a decision. 

Tracks at Turtle Nest (c) 2010 by WhaleMaiden

(Updated= I added the tags, ‘turtle at sanibel beach’ and ‘animal holes’ so that someone could find this post.  Technically, this nest was on Captiva, which is an island north of Sanibel Island.  And, here in Southwest Florida we don’t really say, “Sanibel Beach,” we just say, “Sanibel” because, saying Beach with Sanible is redundant.)

 Totems or Guides bring you messages from Great Spirit.  One of the best sources on the web to learn more about what the messages from each  animal means, is to go to the REVISED link

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