About Whale Maiden the Suburban Shaman

I’m Whale Maiden.  I’m a Suburban Shaman.   I live in the suburbs of Southwest Florida.  I’m a Unitarian Universalist, a pagan, and an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church.  I’m a writer and a teacher and a photographer.

In this blog, I am developing the  Earthways  Shamanic Path which is based on observing the seasons and cycles in Southwest Florida.    I see the mundane world in a magical  and shamanic  perspective.   The world is full of magic if you just know where and how to look.   It is possible to achieve altered states just by being out in nature.

The Earthways Shamanic Path encourages people to observe the cycles of nature where they live, and then to create ceremonies and rituals based upon those cycles.   It also encourages people to learn to achieve altered states naturally, by going out in nature.


(c) 2000 to present, Whale Maiden.  All Rights Reserved



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