Rainy Season and Yellow and Orange Trees

Yellow Trumpet Tree by WhaleMaiden.

The Red flowering Trees of Fire Season, yielded to the Yellow blossoms and the Orange Blossoms of Rainy Season.  What I have learned this year about nature Photography and blogging, is that you have to take the picture(s) when and where you see them because if you wait a day or two, the blooms will be gone.  This wonderful yellow blooming tree starts out slow, but the tree eventually becomes completely covered with blooms.  I missed taking those pictures this year.  (Sloth!) I’ll have to remember to get them next year.

I don’t yet have a photo of the orange flowering Pamosa (sp?) ; I need to get one before it fades. [1]

Yellow is also the sign of new growth.

But so is yellow-orange.  See the new Palm parts on this photo:

June 8, 2010 edit:

[1] “the  orange flowering Pamosa (sp?)” is the Royal Ponciana.

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