Mermaids and Whale Maiden

Mermaids and Whale Maiden

Previously posted on July 29, 2009 by Whale Maiden

When I ‘google’ “Whale Maiden,” I come across many entries to whaling missions, and to mermaids. And that is fine. (More recently, by blog has shown up when I google it, too.) I didn’t get the name Whale Maiden because of an interest in whaling, nor of an interest in mermaids.  I do enjoy the works of Hans Christian Andersen (and the variations picked up by Disney, and the others,) and so with all that in mind …

I picked up the July 27 Wall Street Journal and found on page A-1, “In a Mermaid Statue, Danes Find Something Rotten in the State of Michigan.” Here is a link which I think will take us to the article:

The article is about concerns about copyright infringement of the Danish artist of the statue. In print the article is illustrated with lovely drawings of the mermaid statue. On line, there are photographs of the statue.


Totems and Guides – Animals and Animal Medicine — REVISED!

Why “Whale Maiden”?

WhaleTail on TV

Whales are my part of my ‘totem,’ and by that I mean a collection of animals that provide a sense of your family heritage, and which provide you with information and guidance about yourself and your world. Cats are also part of my ‘totem,’ and not just because I live with two of them.

Animals, animal tracks, their nests and burrows, and things like feathers, can provide you with information to know yourself better, or to make a decision. 

Tracks at Turtle Nest (c) 2010 by WhaleMaiden

(Updated= I added the tags, ‘turtle at sanibel beach’ and ‘animal holes’ so that someone could find this post.  Technically, this nest was on Captiva, which is an island north of Sanibel Island.  And, here in Southwest Florida we don’t really say, “Sanibel Beach,” we just say, “Sanibel” because, saying Beach with Sanible is redundant.)

 Totems or Guides bring you messages from Great Spirit.  One of the best sources on the web to learn more about what the messages from each  animal means, is to go to the REVISED link

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