Hurricane Timewarp

One of the odd dynamics of a hurricane, is that we enter a Timewarp: we loose all track of time, for several weeks. This happens for several reasons.

First, our normal schedules get interrupted with the effort of monitoring a storm. The storm predictions are posted at 2am, 5am, 8am, 11 am, 2 pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm. Once a storm is close to making land-fall, the advisories are posted hourly. You would think the rhythmic nature of this service would help you keep track of time, but it does not.

That’s because suddenly, you have so much else to do, preparing your home, and deciding whether to stay or to leave.

Then you are either in your home, eating all your hurricane snacks, too early. Or, you are traveling away frim your home, evacuating. Time is moving at a different speed. You might even go to a different time zine when you evacuate

Then, you are inside some shelter for 24-48 hours, and all the windows are boarded up. It is dark and quiet. You don’t know what day it is. Or the tine.

Then, the lights go out. You sit in your room with a few tgings poeered by a distsnt humming generator, or a flashlight, or candles. Waiting. The longer you sit there, the longer it seems to take. Eventually, you know the storm is over, and you go outside.

The sky is grey-yellow, dark, and ragged. The clouds are beat up, it’s windy, and exhilarating. But you have no clue whst time it is. You return indoors.

Then the clean up begins, while you wait for things to happen: when will the streets be cleared of tree limbs, when will the utility trucks arrive, when will the debris piles be collected, when will insurance agents arrive, when will the gas stations open, when will flood waters receed, when will school reopen, where the heck is FEMA, and when will my lights come back on?

When the lights do return, we all pause to do the Happy Dance.

And then you begin to return to your normal life, while all around your town are the very real signs of a hurticane having passed just a short while ago. Was that just yesterday? Or last week?

It will take awhile before you know.

(c) 2017 to present, Whale Maiden for the Earthways Shamanic Path. All rights reserved.

Being In The Shamanic Flow

I don’t have a very long commute to my office, Honorable Shamans and Fellow Pagans, and some days it seems to take me a very long time to get out of my house.  But today, I’ve realized that part of the work of being a Shaman is knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, all the time, no matter what time it really is.  When you are a Shaman, you step into The Flow.

My little town has some boulevards:  roads which have two lanes going North, a lovely landscaped median, and two lanes going South.  These are also called, “divided highways,” as you’ll see in my picture, here.


My town also has more than its share of people driving around  who are just visiting.  I mean, they are tourists or snowbirds:  they aren’t from around here.  They get lost,  easily and frequently.  So this morning, I was driving towards this   “T” intersection, where a two lane road, meets up with this 4 lane boulevard, and I watched as a little car headed into the intersection, and then, instead of going  around the landscaped median and South, he made a tighter left, to the South, and began coming my way in the North bound lanes.  I stopped short, honked the horn, and flashed my lights and got his attention.  And by this time, I was straddling both North bound lanes, much to the confusion of the car behind me.  So, I ‘held space’ for the little car.  After a moment, the little car moved around the median and proceeded very slowly South.  And I made my way to my office.  No matter what time it was, I had arrived there, on time.

You can learn more about this at our upcoming Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering, April 15-17, 2016, here in Fort Myers.  Follow this link to our Registration page.

So I say, See the Magic in Your Land.  Feel It.  Feel your connection to the world all around you.  And I say, Share Your Peace with Our Mother Earth, Our Father Sky and our Big Waters that surround us.

(c) 2016 all rights reserved, Whale Maiden

The Day Light Savings Rant

I’ve decided that I really don’t see the point or purpose of Daylight Savings time. (DLS) and this year, I really decided there is no Rational Nexus for switching our clocks forward or back.

And this year, I ended up changing clocks in my house, my office, my other office, two cars, and, my Fathers’ house.  And, yesterday, I found one more clock in my Kitchen, that hadn’t been adjusted yet.

But that wasn’t what sent me into a Lewis Black kind of raving-rant a few weeks ago.  No, what really sent me over the edge was that this year, when I went to set 3 clocks forward, they died.  Maybe they were set to expire now any way, and it was purely coincidental.  Or maybe, something just fried them out.  I’m not sure.

But it sent me into a odd world of not knowing what time it is, in two or three critical rooms:  my Living Room, and, my Business Office.    In the living room, I have a really nice picture frame with a clock in it.  It was a lovely gift and commemorates a very special date in my life.  A beautiful date.  A happy date.  You know, one of those rare days you want to remember for the rest of your life… The clock worked perfectly until this month.    I tried replacing the batteries.  Twice.  One day, the clock started running again… for about three hours… then it stopped…then it started up again… I tried to set it, again… and it stopped.  Now it is stuck at 9:15, which confuses me in the morning.  And in the evening (oh, its still early!  I’ll read my FaceBook posts for awhile…) then I realize it’s really more like 11PM.

I finally had to go out and purchase 3 replacement travel clocks and get them set up.  But the one I put in front of my picture frame is too fare away to read.  So I had to put it somewhere else, and learn to look THERE, to figure out what time it is.  (This is all because my husband has the remote control.  But that’s for another rant.)

We’ve heard ALL the reports about how Daylight savings is supposed to conserve fuel, and that’s just stupid.  I think it contributes to global warming, to keep changing the clocks.  I’ll have to do some research.

And, it doesn’t help the school kids:  they are getting up too early as it is, because it is all relative, isn’t it.  They have to be at school at 8:00 AM, so if they get up at 6:00 AM, it is dark, no matter what time of year it is.

But the real difficulty with the changes in Daylight Savings time is the loss of sleep.  I find it is totally disorienting no matter whether we are gaining an hour or losing an hour:  I am messed up because of  it, for days.

And it isn’t just me, (it isn’t just we humans) who have to suffer, it’s the animals we live around, care for, and particularly the ones who sleep with us.  You know: the Dogs and Cats who are accustomed to getting UP at a certain time each day, and getting their “noms” at a certain time each day, and their drinks of  water and walks that go along with it.

It is time to stop doing the Daylight Savings changes, because it is hurting out pets.  If we can’t do something to save our planet and our children, let’s at least do it to save our pets.  They depend upon us.

Look Up! Look out! Get Balanced!

I haven’t been outside much lately.  I’ve been driving a lot again:  to Arcadia, to Clewiston, to Gainesville.  I’ve seen a lot of birds every where:  wading birds, birds on telephone wires, birds in flight, birds in trees.  But I haven’t taken the time to slow down long enough to reflect on what messages those birds have for me. 


Since Birds represent the Air (duh…) and Air represents Intellect, if the only wild life I am seeing these days are birds, one can say my life appeares to be a little bit out of balance right now.

I have to fix that.