Rain relief

The rain storms of Rainy Season are finally coming.  And you’ll excuse me if I totally skipped posting about Fire Season this year.  We had a lot of household interruptions that were just a bit distracting.  We’ve started many projects and in the middle of all that, my computer wasn’t working.

My computer is in a room that is not completely air conditioned.  The room gets to about 80 degrees; that’s as cool as I can get it this time of year with fans running.  (In late-January/early February, it gets down to about 60 in here.)   My computer copes nicely operating in the cold weather, but the heat is another story.  The heat wasn’t a problem until about 10 days ago when the afternoon temperature hiked up to 100 degrees and stayed that way for a week.  I put a thermometer on top of my computer tower insider the computer stand and was shocked to see the temperature climb up to 98 degrees.  I shut it down and called my wonderful computer repair person.

After my wonderful computer repair person installed a new internal fan, and uninstalled the duplicitous antivirus software, I sawed out the back panel of my computer stand, to increase air flow.  This was probably funny to watch since I was using a hack saw which has a bowed handle on it.  There was a certain point where I had to stop sawing “down,” like the saw is designed to do, and put the saw upside down on the bottom of the kick plate and saw, “up.”  This is against the nature of the saw and took twice as much effort.

One of the household projects has caused me to put area rugs outside over tables in the back yard.  They were dirty.  Now that it is raining almost daily, tomorrow, just before it rains again, will be the perfect time to run outside and grab them.


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