What do I think? The way I see the world

What do I think? The way I SEE the World.

Previously posted on January 31, 2010 by Whale Maiden

I was listening to the radio on Thursday morning, and there was a report about the Toyota Recall and they were interviewing mechanics who are involved with fixing the foot pedals.  They were saying all you have to do is crawl down there with a flashlight and look at your pedal and you’ll know whether you have the faulty one or not, the name of the manufacturer is on there.  And they said the two names of the products, the good one, and the faulty one.  It was really early when they were saying this, and I was getting the products mixed up in my head. 

Later, I told this story to a group of people I was having lunch with.  They wanted to know the two names, and I said I didn’t “remember the names so much as the way they sounded:  One had more consonants, and the other had more vowels.”  I laughed at that and noted that I would probably check my pedal and then write down the word on the pedal and come inside and ‘google’ it.  Everybody thought that was a good plan.  (Turns out  my car doesn’t  have a CTS pedal.  That is the one with all the consonants.)

My point here is that I tend to think about the world and the big issues, in terms of colors, images, and sounds.

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