We are all indigenous

A few months ago  I attended a gathering of Grandmothers in Naples, Florida.  These women had traveled from all over the continent of North America to share their spiritual teachings with me and the other  people who gathered to hear them.  They want to weave a blanket of Peace and bring their messages to the United Nations.

One of the Grandmothers said something that day, which I think about nearly every day.  She said, “We are all indigenous.”  I believe she meant that we all live on this planet, our Mother Earth, and that we all have a right to claim whatever affinity we have to the Native ways.  The amount of energy being spent on whether a person is “Native Enough,” depletes us and our goals.  There are aboriginal people, First People, on every continent, and their ways have sustained them for thousands of years.  (Tens of thousands in many cases.)

And I think she also wanted us to see that whatever work you do for peace or to heal the planet, it starts with you:  The space you occupy, where you live and work, and how you go about your daily life.

Most of us have the opportunity to make choices, small ones and big ones, every day, and those choices can be about peace and sustainability.

“Where I sit is holy, holy is the ground/

Forest, Mountain, River/

Listen to the Sound/

Great Spirit circles all around me…”