Heading Into Hurricane Season

Since we are up to about the 5th named storm of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season, I guess it is about time to acknowledge that we may finally be heading into Hurricane Season in the Florida Earthways Path.   The New Moon was August 9th.  {I have been monitoring the coincidence of lunar phases with the changes of the Seasons in the Florida Earthways Path for a few years.  That’s a topic for another post…}

I believe that the storms and hurricanes that occur in the earlier part of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, (June-July) are realitively small compared to the ones that develop later in the year.  So, that is why I divide the Atlantic Hurricane Season into “Rainy Season,” and “Hurricane Season”  in the Florida Earthways Path.

(edited for clarity, 8-14-2010)


New Moon on Solar Eclipse

Yellow Tree, blossoms full of bees by WhaleMaiden, July 2010

Today is the new Moon, and there is also a Solar Eclipse taking place.  Folks in South America are expected to be able to see the Eclipse.  I’m going to say ‘see’ with a certain emphasis, since it is important to wear protective eye-wear when viewing an eclipse.  (I read this weekend that one does not need to do so during totality…)

At any rate, since Southwest Florida is no where near the Easter Islands,   my friends gathered at our favorite spot to have a New Moon meditation for the Solar Eclipse.  As it turns out, we didn’t have a large gathering.  And, as it turns out we didn’t have a Meditation.  Since it is the New Moon, we did work which is called introspective.  We saw lots of animals:

  • We saw a Hawk landing on a power line as we were approaching our place.
  • Bees of all kinds in the Yellow Tree;
  • Frogs
  • Butterflies (Yellow and Monarch)
  • A large bug with purple body and black legs kept landing on one person.
  • Dragonfly
  • a Cricket hopped onto the Blanket; and we could hear cicadas
  • Spiders
  • more Hawks
  • Grasshopper
  • Brace of medium sized , black birds (there were “5 or 6 or maybe 7.”)
  • Jay Birds

We worked with a wonderful book called Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson, with beautiful illustrations by Angela Werneke.  I’ve been working with this book and the totem cards since at least 1990. 

We used the Pathway Spread.  it consists of 7 cards which signify:

  1. Your Past.
  2. Your Present.
  3. Your Future.
  4. The Pattern or set of life lessons that is moving through your life.
  5. The Challenge you have Conquered or the lesson just Completed.
  6. What is working For you.
  7. What is working Against you.

It was about 90-95 degrees out and we had a nice spot in the shade, which was only a little damp!  Initially there was a nice breeze.  On our way to where the shady spot is, we walked past this tree with Yellow Flowers.  It was full of bees in every imaginable size.

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