Florida Earthways Shamanic Path is EVOLVING to the Earthways Shamanic Path!

I’m so excited!  The Florida Earthways Shamanic Path, is EVOLVING!  There is a group of people in my own back yard, here in Southwest Florida who have been implementing the concepts inherent in the Earthways Shamanic Path, and we’ve decided to join forces.

First, the “Florida Earthways Shamanic Path,” will become, the “Earthways Shamanic Path,” because the idea of practicing your Earth-based spirituality while honoring  the plants and animals that are indigenous to your local area, is not unique to Florida.

The group is called the Ghost Orchid Grove.  They are the first recognized Grove of the Earthways Shamanic Path.

More news on this exciting development, soon.

WM in the Everglades

Thoughts about the Shaman Workshop in Sarasota

Last weekend, I attended a Shaman’s Workshop in Sarasota, Florida.  The workshop  content was based upon the teachings of Michael Harner.  It was a wonderful two days.  There were about 40 people there, and the Hampton Inn was just so welcoming to us.  Here’s the sign they had in their lobby for at least two days:

????????????????????????????Shamanism involves journeying.  Shamanism involves wayfinding.  It is nice to have sign posts like this, along the way.

We drummed a lot.  We journeyed a lot.  We ate a lot.  We drummed some more.  We journeyed some more.

part three — The Frog is found…

In my last post, I mentioned that I had hospitalized a frog (probably a Cuban Tree Frog, which is an invasive species,) in a container in my kitchen over night to help him recuperate after an exciting day.  See previous 2 posts.  And I explained how I checked on him that night before I went to bed (and may not have put the lid on his container correctly.)  And how the next morning, Frog was gone.

I did not look for the Frog who I suspected was hopping about in a house occupied by 3 humans and 2 cats… because, well because.

… Every so often when I am house cleaning I will come across some dried up critter, usually always a lizard, that has wandered into my house and made its way behind a piece of furniture in the bedroom.  This is Florida and the veil between the two worlds, or “inside” and “outside” are kind of thin.  Houses are not impervious…so I figured that I would find Frog a few weeks or months from now, in a closet or behind a bookcase, all dessicated…

and I admit I went about my business that morning.  Eventually I wandered through the kitchen and happened to look down (perhaps to not step on a cat tail,) and saw the Frog, hanging onto the handle of a jug of Arizona Tea.  We keep 3 or 4 jugs stacked next to the Refrigerator.

I swooped down, picked him up, he hung onto my thumb but also started trying to Escape! and I made a beeline to the Orchid Tree:  out the sliding glass door, out the porch door and out to the Tree.  As soon as we got to where there was AIR, the Frog was so joyful/excited/anxious…

I placed him on the sunny side of the tree because there was at least a 10 degree difference between Indoors and Outdoors temperatures, and the Frog bolted off the Tree and straight out into the Sunlight!

More about Rainy Season

So, we’ve been in what I call Rainy Season for a few weeks now.  Our Rainy Season is typically marked by daily afternoon thunder showers that sweep across the peninsula of Florida on a predictable schedule.  This has to do with Florida being a peninsula, and due to the way the winds work.  These thunder showers are brief and intense.  They cool things down as the winds come ahead of them, and then after it rains it is steamy for a few hours.  Ten to twenty years ago, you could set your clock by the time it rained in your neighborhood, it was that predictable.   And every neighborhood had a different time for its afternoon rain. 

We haven’t gotten into that rhythm yet this year, it is still a little early.  And I believe that the entire rhythm has changed because of all the development that has happened.  I think you need water to get more water.