FaceBook Reality?

I attended a workshop on Shamanism a few weeks ago up in Sarasota.   It was wonderful.  It provided  a supportive environment to practice my journeying skills.  We talked about Reality a lot, both every day Ordinary Reality and Non-Ordinary Reality.

Lately, that is, since January 20, 2014, I have maintained an almost daily presence on FaceBook and I’ve come to the realization that it is a separate reality — the FaceBook reality.

In the FaceBook reality, you co-create the illusion that you are sitting in a room with all your friends, carrying on all these little conversations and looking at pictures of kittens (because they wear bow ties, and, because they are so adorable,) and it feels like you are with all these people.  But in truth, they may be sitting on the couch next to you, immersed in their world of FaceBook reality, which is separate but equal from yours.

And all the while, I am not fully present in the Ordinary Reality, and simultaneously, I know I’m not in the Non-Ordinary reality, interacting with my Spirits and Guides.

I need to get out more!


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