Being Proactive about the Gulf Oil Spill.

Ok, after we wring our hands about the Gulf Oil Spill, what can regular people do to help?

1.  Contact your barber or salon to see if they are donating hair clippings to the cleanup.  If so, go get your hair cut!  I had my hair cut today and while they were sweeping it up one of the ladies mentioned that my hair was now joining the Clean up efforts.  

2.  Voulnteer to assist in cleanup efforts. 

3.  Donate clean up supplies, if your community requests it.

What are local communities doing to prepare for the oil spill: 

  1. Communities have identified stretches of beaches to protect.
  2. Communities are preparing to pick up tar balls, and to address the oil on the surface of the water.
  3. Citizens will be asked to help pick up tar balls.
  4. trash containers will be available to collect the tar balls
  5. In some communities, volunteers will be provided with rubber gloves and trash bags.
  6. Communities will place booms in the water to help prevent the oil from reaching the shoreline.  The booms only cover so much shoreline. 
  7. Check your local newspapers for more information about clean up efforts.