Putting Things Right, Letting Things Go

It takes so much longer to put things right after a hurricane!

I am reorganizing my apartment thus morning, continuing to unpack my nicknacs and beloved objects from where I stored them before Hurricane Irma knocked on Florida’s door two weeks ago.

There’s an adrenalin rush which kicks in before a hurricane, which makes it possible for people to do all kinds of preparations. In my case, I made several car trips over a short couple of days to collect family members, and to hang up storm shutters on my house, and to help soneone put up shutters on their second story windows. I’ve embraced my inner squirrel and become an aerialist. (That was 500 miles).

Back at my apartment, I then removed all breakables from all surfaces, wrapped things up with tissue, and put things in boxes or big trash bags, and stowed those in the closet.

All of that was before bedtime on September 6th. The next morning, I headed out on what became a 6 day 1,400 mile evacuation + road trip.

Now that I’m back… and discovered how BLESSED I am to have no storm damage to my two places, it is time to put things back. This takes a lot of work, and energy. Two friends took the shutters off the house so I didn’t have to do that. Most of the second story shutters are still up in my friend’s place, and that’s a task for another day.

I’ve unpacked clothes and done laundry, and got my dryer repaired.

I’ve rested. And now I’m putting things back. But wait, do I really want to put all those nicknacks out? Do I really need them?

Can I let any of them go?


At this Equinox time, this is a good opportunity to find the balance. What really matters, what do I want to keep, what can I give away.

I don’t have to rush. I can take my time.

Share your peace with Mother Earth and Father Sky and the Big Waters all around us.

(c) 2017 by Whale Maiden for the Earthways Shamanic Path. All rights reserved.

Vultures are Balance

My Dear Daughter Agatha (*) and her friend, Jacqueline went to a festival this weekend and when they returned, Jacqueline mentioned that she had seen three sets of Vultures.   I reached for one of my reference books on Animal Medicine to quote from, “Medicine Cards” by Jamie Sams and David Carson with illustrations by Angela Werneke, but it was silent about Vultures. I looked at another book, “Power Animal Meditations” by Nicki Scully (also illustrated by Angela Werneke), which has a meditation about Vultures (“Intuitive Wisdom,”) but none of us were ready to go there just yet.

The Girls wandered off like Girls do, to the next thing and the teaching moment passed.  I should really be able to tap into my own inner wisdom by now. 

So I was thinking about Vultures.  We have Turkey Vultures here in Southwest Florida.  Vultures ride the thermals, looking for bodies that are not moving.  “A thermal is an area   of rising air in the low heights of the Earth’s atmosphere. Thermals are created by uneven heating of the Earth’s surface from solar radiation, and an example of convection. The Sun warms the ground, which in turn warms the air directly above it.”  

Vultures see a potential prey and swoop down to investigate.  They are large birds, really much larger than you are prepared for them to be.  They are tall with about a 32″ wing span.  You don’t want to get too close to them while they are feeding.  They don’t have feathers on their faces, which helps them to keep their faces clean.  If Vultures didn’t do the work of picking up all the dead animals, there would be all kinds of critters in various stages of decay, all over the place.  (Pewie.)  Vultures help take care of the ecosystem.  They maintain the Balance.

When you see a Vulture, what are you doing, to maintain the Balance in your life?  Are you working too hard or not enough?  Are you in right relationships?  Are you eating right?  Are you getting enough exercise?  What changes do you need to make, to establish better balance in your life?

The other resource I use, the website “Shaminism Working with Animal Spirits” at http://www.animalspirits.com/index9.html, notes that Vultures represent, among other aspects, issues involving  death and rebirth.  In terms of Balance, what habit or behavior can you let go of, to achieve greater balance in your life?

(*) My Dear Daughter Agatha wants to point out that she adores Vultures.  And, she pointed out that what Vultures may mean to Jacqueline, might be different from what they mean to me.  That may be true in some cases.  The work I am doing here, is more archetypical rather than specific to any one person.  If you have a specific encounter with any specific animal, then you have to take that into consideration next time (and any time) you see that animal again.

Look Up! Look out! Get Balanced!

I haven’t been outside much lately.  I’ve been driving a lot again:  to Arcadia, to Clewiston, to Gainesville.  I’ve seen a lot of birds every where:  wading birds, birds on telephone wires, birds in flight, birds in trees.  But I haven’t taken the time to slow down long enough to reflect on what messages those birds have for me. 


Since Birds represent the Air (duh…) and Air represents Intellect, if the only wild life I am seeing these days are birds, one can say my life appeares to be a little bit out of balance right now.

I have to fix that.