turtle crossing

Turtle nest with dug out sand around it by WhaleMaiden June 2010

The day after I saw the armadillo crossing the road, I saw a Turtle crossing the road. 

When I saw the armadillo I was traveling at about 25 mph and it was most of the way out of the road by the time I crossed its path.  When I saw the Turtle I was traveling at about 50-60 mph and had to swerve to avoid hitting it.  And the turtle was traveling East.  In my symbology, East relates to what has passed, memories.  All I have to do now is remember what I was thinking about at the time.  This was last Thursday and so much happens.

According to the Animal Spirits Guides Shamanism Working WIth Animal Spirits website:  http://www.animalspirits.com/index1.html

“Turtle/Tortoise’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Symbol of the earth
  • Connection with the center
  • Navigation skills
  • Patience
  • Self-boundaries
  • Associated with the feminine
  • Power to heal female diseases
  • Respecting the boundaries of others
  • Developing new ideas
  • Psychically protecting oneself
  • Self-reliance
  • Tenacity
  • Nonviolent defense”

(October 15 update.)  Here is the photo of the turtle nest, with what looks likeanimal tracks around the hole.  I have this photo  in another  post, but I thought I’d put it here with the Turtle topic.  There are rain droplets surrounding the opening to the nest and underneath the raindrops, there are animal tracks.  They may be turtle toes, but they may also be bird tracks.

This is a hole made by an animal, not an animal hole.

This is one of several turtle nests that I saw on Captiva Island this summer.

Totems and Guides – Animals and Animal Medicine — REVISED!

Why “Whale Maiden”?

WhaleTail on TV

Whales are my part of my ‘totem,’ and by that I mean a collection of animals that provide a sense of your family heritage, and which provide you with information and guidance about yourself and your world. Cats are also part of my ‘totem,’ and not just because I live with two of them.

Animals, animal tracks, their nests and burrows, and things like feathers, can provide you with information to know yourself better, or to make a decision. 

Tracks at Turtle Nest (c) 2010 by WhaleMaiden

(Updated= I added the tags, ‘turtle at sanibel beach’ and ‘animal holes’ so that someone could find this post.  Technically, this nest was on Captiva, which is an island north of Sanibel Island.  And, here in Southwest Florida we don’t really say, “Sanibel Beach,” we just say, “Sanibel” because, saying Beach with Sanible is redundant.)

 Totems or Guides bring you messages from Great Spirit.  One of the best sources on the web to learn more about what the messages from each  animal means, is to go to the REVISED linkhttp://www.animalspirits.com/index1.html