On becoming a Shaman step one, go for a walk

How does one become a Shaman?  It can be a long  journey and one should start by taking a walk.  Make a commitment to yourself that you will take a walk outside on a regular basis.  Even if you visit a gym and walk on a treadmill, I encourage you to walk outside on a regular basis.

Walking stimulates the body, and the mind, and the spirit. 

Making a commitment, focuses your intent.

When you walk, please look at your surroundings.

  • Take in the air temperature.  Smell things.  See the sky, the clouds, the sun or the moon and stars.
  • See the birds flying and the trees they land in.  Look at the leaves and buds and twigs of the trees.  Notice the different forms of trees.
  • Listen to the sounds — the birds, and other natural sounds.  Try to hear where they are coming from.
  • Touch the earth, touch the grass, the plants, the rocks and sand that covers and forms the earth.
  • If you are near a body of water, go visit it.  See what color it is, if it is tidal, what do the waves look like, and are there critters in it/on it that you can see?
  • What has changed since the last time you walked here?

Look Up! Look out! Get Balanced!

I haven’t been outside much lately.  I’ve been driving a lot again:  to Arcadia, to Clewiston, to Gainesville.  I’ve seen a lot of birds every where:  wading birds, birds on telephone wires, birds in flight, birds in trees.  But I haven’t taken the time to slow down long enough to reflect on what messages those birds have for me. 


Since Birds represent the Air (duh…) and Air represents Intellect, if the only wild life I am seeing these days are birds, one can say my life appeares to be a little bit out of balance right now.

I have to fix that.

The Spiritual Aspects of Fire Season

The Spiritual Aspects of Fire Season.

In my opinion, the point of following a Path is to bring about positive, meaningful change in your life.  This is similar to goal setting, creative visualization, and manifesting desired changes.  Keeping in mind that the Seasons follow one after the other, then work we do now, was developed in a previous season.  And, whatever we do “now,” lays the groundwork for something we will do “later.” 

Remember that symbolically, Dry Season represents the East, Fire Season represents the South, Rainy Season represents the West, Hurricane Season represents the North.  The Center is Spirit.   Fire Season follows Dry Season.  In Dry Season, (Air=Intellect) it is time for new ideas to spring forth as more and more of what was grounded, previously, now symbolically dries up into the Air.  So, the Idea is developed in the Dry Season.

Fire is symbolic of passion and creativity.  This is a time to discover what you are passionate about, and what is it that you create.  I believe everyone is capable of creating something.   When you think about the Idea that manifested in the Dry Season, do you get excited about it?  Do you think about ways you can make your idea happen, how to create it?  That is the work of Fire Season.

We will return to this discussion later.