Rain relief

The rain storms of Rainy Season are finally coming.  And you’ll excuse me if I totally skipped posting about Fire Season this year.  We had a lot of household interruptions that were just a bit distracting.  We’ve started many projects and in the middle of all that, my computer wasn’t working.

My computer is in a room that is not completely air conditioned.  The room gets to about 80 degrees; that’s as cool as I can get it this time of year with fans running.  (In late-January/early February, it gets down to about 60 in here.)   My computer copes nicely operating in the cold weather, but the heat is another story.  The heat wasn’t a problem until about 10 days ago when the afternoon temperature hiked up to 100 degrees and stayed that way for a week.  I put a thermometer on top of my computer tower insider the computer stand and was shocked to see the temperature climb up to 98 degrees.  I shut it down and called my wonderful computer repair person.

After my wonderful computer repair person installed a new internal fan, and uninstalled the duplicitous antivirus software, I sawed out the back panel of my computer stand, to increase air flow.  This was probably funny to watch since I was using a hack saw which has a bowed handle on it.  There was a certain point where I had to stop sawing “down,” like the saw is designed to do, and put the saw upside down on the bottom of the kick plate and saw, “up.”  This is against the nature of the saw and took twice as much effort.

One of the household projects has caused me to put area rugs outside over tables in the back yard.  They were dirty.  Now that it is raining almost daily, tomorrow, just before it rains again, will be the perfect time to run outside and grab them.


Being of assistance

Being of assistance.  Let’s ponder that phrase. 

My husband and I arrived at the Atlanta Hartsfield airport Monday afternoon, and the gate for our connecting flight to Southwest Florida was full, so we went and sat in another gate.  These people were headed to Buffalo, New York.  We were there for a little while and then the announcements began, you know:  “now boarding section 1, 2, 3, and 4…” and the groups of people jump up and get in line.  My husband wandered off at that point, and all of a sudden a woman sat down next to me in a bolting lunge. 

She was crying.

I asked her what was wrong. 

She said she was frightened. 

I asked why. 

She said she’d never been on an airplane before. 

I leaned in close to her and told her everything would be fine.  I explained that there are people on the airplane to help her and answer questions, that the wings look strange at different times in the flight, but this is ok, that the plane makes a lot of different noises, and that is ok, too.  And, I said, it is good to sing a song.  I began singing, “rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens,” from the Sound of Music.  She knew enough of this song to nod, and wipe her eyes a bit. 

Then she returned to the line.  She waved bravely to me and I could see she was singing the song.  Then she went through the door to the plane.

My husband and I sat at that gate for another 30 minutes or so, while the personnel called the final boarding, and the final, final boarding and then began to board the stand-by passengers. 

I thought about the woman on the plane, singing that snippet of song over-and-over-and-over on the tarmac, bravely waiting for the plane to take off.  I’d forgotten to tell her about this waiting.

Finally, the personnel closed the door to the plane.  We had no windows to look out, but after a few minutes I knew the plane had “pushed back” out of the loading area and was making its way to the runway. 

Sometimes, we provide assistance to complete strangers.  We are being of assistance.  Beings of Assistance = Angels.

Mermaids and Whale Maiden

Mermaids and Whale Maiden

Previously posted on July 29, 2009 by Whale Maiden

When I ‘google’ “Whale Maiden,” I come across many entries to whaling missions, and to mermaids. And that is fine. (More recently, by blog has shown up when I google it, too.) I didn’t get the name Whale Maiden because of an interest in whaling, nor of an interest in mermaids.  I do enjoy the works of Hans Christian Andersen (and the variations picked up by Disney, and the others,) and so with all that in mind …

I picked up the July 27 Wall Street Journal and found on page A-1, “In a Mermaid Statue, Danes Find Something Rotten in the State of Michigan.” Here is a link which I think will take us to the article: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124865622123982685.html

The article is about concerns about copyright infringement of the Danish artist of the statue. In print the article is illustrated with lovely drawings of the mermaid statue. On line, there are photographs of the statue.