Fire Season is coming

In the Earthways Shamanic Path, I study the seasons as they unfold in my location, which is Southwest Florida.  The seasons here are, Rainy, Hurricane, Dry, and Fire.  I call this, ‘finding the Magic In the land,’

Fire Season starts in mid-February.  Some of the physical markers are, a doubling of our population, a drop in temperature, an increase in fires.  These markers relate to the spiritual aspects, which I’ll address in a different post.

I know Fire Season is coming, because the Live Oak trees are brimming with their flower parts, and will release “scree” soon.  Scree can be collected, dried, and used in place of sage, for smudging purposes. 

I don’t have Live Oak trees in my yard, but I know where they are.  The trick to collecting scree is it needs to fall onto a tarp, or on a paved surface, because it is whispy.

Scree burns fast, and you need to gather a lot of it.  Since the weather patterns have shifted so much, trees are blooming at unpredictable times.  Thus, when we see that the trees are just about to release the scree, we need to be prepared to collect it, that day, or the next. 

Share your peace with Mother Earth and Father Sky and the big Waters all around us.

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Mummurings and Magazines

I’ve had a busy Rainy Season, and an even busier Hurricane Season. (This is the period of time most people call, “Summer,” but in Florida it is kind of Summer all year ’round, so I have my distinctions.)  Among other exciting things, I was recently interviewed by Linda Sechrist of the Natural Awakenings Magazine, about Shamanism, and my Earthways Shamanic Path. Linda did two great articles, The Modern Shaman and then a really great side bar called, The World Through the Eyes and Heart of Three Local Shaman.  I was so thrilled to be included in this article, and am happy to share these links with you.



What tools do you need, to be a Shaman?

Shaman's Tool Basket
Shaman’s Tool Basket

What tools do you need, to be a Shaman?

We’re having this conference, next week — perhaps you’ve heard about it by now?  It’s the Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering 2016 and you can learn more about it at our new website .  Before I had even finished lining up all the speakers, people were asking me, “Will you have vendors?”  Yes, we are having vendors, but more importantly, the Conference is about EXPERIENCING aspects of Shamanism:  learning how to go on deep meditations.  We call these meditations, “journeys,” and the skill is called, “journeying.”  Throughout the conference, you’ll have the opportunity to go on many different journeys for many purposes.

Shamans come from all over the world, and customs differ from one place to the next, but when I go journeying, I like to have a comfortable place to sit.  I like to wear comfortable clothes.  I prefer shade if I am outdoors.  If I’m outside I wear a sun hat.  I like to smudge myself with locally dried tree flowers.   I like to use a rattle to make a rhythmic sound.  And, when I have completed my journey, I like to record my experiences and quench my thirst.  Those are the basic needs.  Inherent in that is a list of objects: Chair, clothes, shade tree, sun hat, dried flowers, bowl, lighter, feather fan, rattle, notebook and pen, water.  Some extra things that I have found helpful are: a candle, a blanket or wrap, favorite talismans (I have some special necklaces, and some post card sized pictures, and family relics) a cloth to set them out on, and a pouch to put them in. I have a rattan picnic basket I put most of that stuff into:  It is my Tool Basket.

It’s that simple, really.  When I am teaching classes about Shamanism, I tend to bring a lot of stuff with me, for illustrative purposes.  And, when I am conducting special Ceremonies, for example, a Welcoming Ceremony at our Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering, then I would have more items, to decorate an Altar.  More candles, flowers, statues of totem animals.

I’ve been practicing Shamanism for a long time.  I have everything I need. Yet, I have a fondness for rocks and shiny-sparklie things.  And I understand that many people are new to their Journey,  and don’t have what they need to Journey comfortably.  When you feel comfortable, your confidence as a Shaman, increases.  So, yes, there will be vendors at the Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering and there will be opportunities at the Gathering, for you to make some of your basic Shaman Tools:  a rattle, and a pouch.

Share Your Peace With Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Big Waters, All Around Us.

(c) 2016, Whale Maiden

Spirit is my Event Planner

Some of you may have noticed that we are having an event here in Fort Myers, Florida, in a few weeks, for the Earthways Shamanic Path.  It is called the Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering.  We’ve been busy pulling this event together for a while now, and every day there is some new exciting detail to address:  Facilities!  Rain Plans!  Food!  Food Allergies!  Camping!  Hotels!  Presenters- blurbs, bios, photos,!  Vendors!  Volunteers!  and, people are registering, or have said they will, soon, or might come.  Whew.

One of the most important things I’ve been doing, is taking the flyers around to the local metaphysical type stores.  I always get so excited when I do this, because the stores are fiull of crystals and sparklie things that are — so distracting! — and I have to focus.

20140711_155928Recently, I was at one store which had a basket of cards on a shelf.  Each card has a message.  I slowed down and pulled a card and the message was:  “Spirit is my event Planner,” and I said, YES!  It is important for me to remember that everything will work out just fine with this Gathering.  The people who need to attend, will attend.  the Presentations Will be awesome.  When I need Help, Helpers will (and have!) step up and offer that help.  It is amazing, and I am reminded just about hourly, to have Spirit be my Event Planner.

Thank you Great Spirit!

And We Share Our Peace With Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Big Waters All Around Us!

For more about the Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering 2016, check here:  CUUPS Website

Journey With Us on the Earthways Shamanic Path!

Announcing … the Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering 2016, will be held April 15-17, 2016 at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers, 13411 Shire Lane, Fort Myers, Florida 33912.


“Find the Magic in your land” … The Earthways Shamanic Path is an Earth-based religious path. It is based in Southwest Florida, yet can be practiced all around the world. We ask you to discover, “What are the Seasons where you live? How do you celebrate them?”

The Earthways Shamanic Path is based upon core shamanism. Our philosophy is that people are drawn to Shamanism, if they are meant to learn more about it. Each person is responsible for learning what they need to, for their personal growth. In this Shamanic practice, we learn to achieve altered states of reality through meditation, drumming and dancing, as well as through exploring nature, for greater self awareness and to “Share Your Peace With Our Earth.”

This is our first Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering, meant to foster a sense of community of like-minded travelers on paths which converge at this Gathering. It is intended for educational, spiritual, and, networking purposes. We will all learn from each other. Thus, we will offer you a certificate showing you’ve attended this Gathering, but we won’t be making anyone a shaman here.

This conference is open to all adults, ages 18+. Childcare is available, but must be arranged in advance of the conference.

This conference is sponsored by CUUPS — Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, Fort Myers. CUUPS Fort Myers Website


Registration is open now! Click here: Eventbrite Registration – Get your tickets today!

After April 10th, there will be no further ticket sales through Eventbrite. You must purchase your tickets at the conference entrance.


For more information about this Path, visit Earthways Shamanic Path – Facebook page
or our Website.

We look forward to seeing you at our Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering! Journey with us and Share Your Peace With Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the Big Waters All Around Us!

(c) 2016, Whale Maiden.

Being In The Shamanic Flow

I don’t have a very long commute to my office, Honorable Shamans and Fellow Pagans, and some days it seems to take me a very long time to get out of my house.  But today, I’ve realized that part of the work of being a Shaman is knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, all the time, no matter what time it really is.  When you are a Shaman, you step into The Flow.

My little town has some boulevards:  roads which have two lanes going North, a lovely landscaped median, and two lanes going South.  These are also called, “divided highways,” as you’ll see in my picture, here.


My town also has more than its share of people driving around  who are just visiting.  I mean, they are tourists or snowbirds:  they aren’t from around here.  They get lost,  easily and frequently.  So this morning, I was driving towards this   “T” intersection, where a two lane road, meets up with this 4 lane boulevard, and I watched as a little car headed into the intersection, and then, instead of going  around the landscaped median and South, he made a tighter left, to the South, and began coming my way in the North bound lanes.  I stopped short, honked the horn, and flashed my lights and got his attention.  And by this time, I was straddling both North bound lanes, much to the confusion of the car behind me.  So, I ‘held space’ for the little car.  After a moment, the little car moved around the median and proceeded very slowly South.  And I made my way to my office.  No matter what time it was, I had arrived there, on time.

You can learn more about this at our upcoming Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering, April 15-17, 2016, here in Fort Myers.  Follow this link to our Registration page.

So I say, See the Magic in Your Land.  Feel It.  Feel your connection to the world all around you.  And I say, Share Your Peace with Our Mother Earth, Our Father Sky and our Big Waters that surround us.

(c) 2016 all rights reserved, Whale Maiden

The Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering is coming!

Hello Everybody!  CUUPS of Fort Myers is hosting the first ever, Earthways Shamanic Path Gathering at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers, April 15 through April 17, 2016.

This is a new pagan path, developed here at CUUPS of Fort Myers.

1. We study the Seasons as they unfold where we live. We learn what those Seasons are, their physical-environmental aspects, their spiritual aspects and what they mean, and how to celebrate them.

2. We approach the world through a shamanic perspective. We drum and meditate to achieve altered states. We go on shamanic journeys. We communicate with spirits and guides. We do this to help ourselves, or to help other people or other beings.

3. We believe that Shamanism is an ancient earth-based spiritual practice with modern applications. We recognize that you can be Shaman and Wiccan, or Shaman and Druid, or other combinations. But for us, we are Shaman and this is our Path.

4. We say, “Share Your Peace With Our Mother Earth, Father Sky, and The Big Water.”

We have a lovely brochure:

EwSP Gathering 2016-Brochure.02252016

You can visit the Eventbrite website to learn more information and to register.  If you want to split your payments, Whale Maiden takes PayPal and has a SQUARE, and will be happy to help you with that.  Contact if you have questions.

Thanks everyone.