Being greatful

I am blessed because I live in Southwest Florida, and have arranged my life so I can sit in the shade under a tree, and look up at the sky, and feel the breezes, and smell the pods of Bald Cypress trees, and feel the vibe of the Live Oak.tree..

The wind is gusting every so often, and for a moment, I thought I felt rain on my skin, but it was just a passing fancy.

Feel the elements, Honorable Shamans and Fellow Pagans.  Get out in tgem and say hello.

And share your peace with Mother Earth and Father Sky and the big Waters all around us.

(c) 2017 to present, Whale Maiden for the Earthways Shamanic Path.  All rights reserved.


Author: Whale Maiden

I'm a person on the Shamanic Path, living in sunny central Florida. I study animals and the weather and reflect on the cycles of life.

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