The great river gets bluer

In Florida the Caloosahatchee River runs from the Lake Okeechobee to the Gulf of Mexico.  It crosses through several counties, including Lee County, dividing it roughly in half on a diagonal.  There are several river crossings in Lee County, including the Alva bridge, Rt 31 bridge, the railroad crossing, I-75, the Edison Bridge (now a pair of spans), the Caloosahatchee Bridge, the Midpoint Bridge, the Cape Coral Parkway/College Parkway bridge, the Causeway to Sanibel, and, the causeway to Fort Myers Beach.

Since I drive around so much, I have the opportunity to see the Caloosahatchee River at different times of the day, every day.

When the temperature gets cooler, the water looks bluer.  I want to know if it just looks bluer to me, or if the water changes by getting cooler, and thus changes color. Does cooler water look darker, or is it actually darker?


Author: Whale Maiden

I'm a person on the Shamanic Path, living in sunny central Florida. I study animals and the weather and reflect on the cycles of life.

2 thoughts on “The great river gets bluer”

  1. What a great opportunity to be able to watch the world around as you travel around for completely different reasons. We should all take the opportunity to watch the world around us in a manner as you do. Might the world be a better place if we are all more aware of the world around us.

    It is probably a light and not a temperature related thing but isn’t it amazing how the color changes. Knowing the reason doesn’t take anything away from the beauty.


    1. Hey!! That is what I am thinking, that as it gets cooler, the light changes (maybe wave length changes?) and that makes the water look a different color.

      I am fortunate to be able to see the River on most days. When I do, I remember-feel like I am in Florida. On the days when I don’t see it, I feel like I live in generic-suburbia, like Detroit or someplace similar.


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