Approaching Dry Season

We are approaching Dry Season here in Southwest Florida.  This started about September 23rd, which is a little early.  Normally this comes on about mid-October.  This has been an unusual year to use to identify the change of the seasons in the Florida Earthways Path.  Gradually the daily afternoon thundershowers have subsided and the humidity is down.  We’ve been fortunate that no major hurricanes have hit Southwest Florida.  (I’ve a friend who says that is because there are so many Light Workers here, we all keep redirecting the Hurricane Energy out to sea.)

As we prepare to leave Hurricane Season, let us pause and consider what we accomplished.  Let’s continue to reflect on the symbolism where each season represents an aspect of goal setting and progress towards the implementation of a goal.

Remember that symbolically, Dry Season represents the East, Fire Season represents the South, Rainy Season represents the West, Hurricane Season represents the North.  The Center is Spirit.   Fire Season follows Dry Season.  In Dry Season, (Air=Intellect) it is time for new ideas to spring forth as more and more of what was grounded, previously, now symbolically dries up into the Air.  So, the Idea is developed in the Dry Season. 

In the Rainy Season, the Idea which was formed in the Dry Season, (from the Intellect) and which is developed in the Fire Season (due to Passion and Courage), begins to take hold because we invest our Emotions in the Idea.  When you are setting about to make meaningful change in your life, if you do not care about the thing you are changing, you won’t take action. 

Water is symbolic of our emotions.  What do you care about?  What replenishes you?  What nourishes you?  When you think about your idea, how does it make you feel?    That is the work of Rainy Season.

In this methodology Hurricane Season = North, which is the point of ACTION.  What did you set out to achieve this year?  Have you taken any action on the goals you thought about earlier this year?  Before the year ends, is there anything specific you could do to achieve the goals you set for yourself earlier this year?

In my opinion, the point of following a Path is to bring about positive, meaningful change in your life.  This is similar to goal setting, creative visualization, and manifesting desired changes.  Keeping in mind that the Seasons follow one after the other, then work we do now, was developed in a previous season.  And, whatever we do “now,” lays the groundwork for something we will do “later.” 


Author: Whale Maiden

I'm a person on the Shamanic Path, living in sunny central Florida. I study animals and the weather and reflect on the cycles of life.

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