In Which Great Spirit Creates…The Roach

One day, Great Spirit looked about at the wonderful animals he had created and said to himself,

“Something is missing, I must create creatures that will help keep the Earth tidy.  They will work hard picking up crumbs and particles that other animals cast aside.  If I do not do this, soon the Earth will be covered with a mist of stuff and it will seem as if it is always snowing.”

So, Great Spirit scooped up some mud and a couple of twigs and a few leaves and fashioned a Roach.  Great Spirit breathed Life into the little Roach and held him in his palm. 

“You are a Roach, Dear One!” the Great Spirit said to him.

“What’s a Roach?” it asked.

“I have created you to do very important work.  I have given you the tools you need to crawl about through dirt and debris.  You will have a very large and happy family and you possess a fine attention to detail.  You will be able to eat almost anything, which means you can live almost anywhere on this planet.”

“Sounds like I will have the run of the Planet, eh?”

[‘Hmmm, thought Great Spirit to itself, omnipotently, this bug is just cocky enough to do the job…’]  “Yes Bug, you will be able to go just about everywhere, and although you are small, you are in fact mighty.”

“Why is that, Great Spirit?” asked the Roach.

“You’ll see,” replied Great Spirit who had decided that he didn’t need to tell the Roach everything.

When the Roach crosses your path, what is your FIRST reaction?  Yep, I thought so, a certain “ewech” forms in your mind, right?  The Roach is one of the big teachers because we have to get over our initial reactions and learn to embrace the Roach.

From the  Shamanism Working With Animal Spirits site, we get to this entry: 

Cockroach’s Wisdom Includes:  

  • Speed to avoid harm
  • Understanding shadow
  • Moving through fear
  • Understanding disgust in others  

Author: Whale Maiden

I'm a person on the Shamanic Path, living in sunny central Florida. I study animals and the weather and reflect on the cycles of life.

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